Cookie Policy (25/04/2024)

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Hello, I am from Peru and I speak Spanish, but this blog is written in English. This "Cookies Policy" page has been translated from Spanish to English using an automatic translator (Google Translate). Some words or expressions may not match the original meaning or have grammatical errors. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

What are cookies?

Cookies are automatic procedures for collecting information related to the preferences determined by the User during their visit to the Website in order to personalize their experience. However, when you visit us you will not find cookies coming from our domain since we do not use them.

Cookies we use

There are several different types of cookies (Technical Cookies, Personalization Cookies, Analysis Cookies, etc...), but our Website does not use any to function.

Third party cookies

They are cookies used and managed by entities external to KuroiNekoOficial, since our Website is hosted on Blogger, when you log in to your Blogger account and visit us, you will find cookies corresponding to your session.

In addition to Blogger cookies, we use third-party services such as Monetag to display advertising on our blog.

We recommend you obtain more information about privacy and the types of cookies that Google and Monetag use, their main characteristics, expiration period, etc. In the following links:

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You can disable, reject and delete cookies (in whole or in part) through your browser settings (For example: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). Disabling cookies will not affect your experience when using our Website as we do not use them.