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DMCA Policy (26/03/2024)

Hello, I am from Peru and I speak Spanish, but this blog is written in English. This "DMCA Policy" page has been translated from Spanish to English using an automatic translator (Google Translate). Some words or expressions may not match the original meaning or have grammatical errors. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


KuroiNekoOficial is a blog dedicated to Vocaloid music, Touhou Music, Donghua Song, Chinese music, VTuber Song and other Asian music genres and also works as Fansub, always respecting copyright. I have 2 objectives:

Objective 1 (Promotion of Musical Artists and Groups): My main mission is to facilitate the music of talented artists and groups to reach a wider audience. Often, barriers such as regional restrictions, limited marketing budgets or lower visibility prevent their songs from crossing borders, especially outside of Asia. To overcome these obstacles, my blog is dedicated to:

  • Offering low-quality MP3 versions of your songs so visitors can experience the music before purchasing it.
  • Posting direct links to videos and music distribution platforms, such as TuneCore Japan, where music can be purchased legally and safely.
  • Including links to the artists' official websites, as long as they have SSL certificates, to guarantee safe and reliable browsing.

This blog does not seek to infringe copyright or benefit financially through piracy. I deeply respect intellectual property and, therefore, I have created this blog on Blogger without restricting access from any Asian country. Artists and groups have complete freedom and the right to request the removal of any download link or music file through the form available at the bottom of the page.

Objective 2 (Support for "Patitas Felices Areli Melgarejo"): In addition to promoting music, my blog has a solidarity purpose. Through income generated by advertising, donations and link shorteners, we support the dog and cat shelter "Patitas Felices Areli Melgarejo", located in the District of Nepeña, Peru. In this way, I not only contribute to the dissemination of Asian musical culture, but I also help improve the lives of animals in need. Verify proof of donations. Click here (Not available at the moment).

I Respect Copyright and DMCA Compliance

This blog is firmly committed to respecting copyright and intellectual property. I use content solely for the purpose of sharing and promoting music, always within the legal and ethical framework. In addition, this digital space strictly adheres to the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), legislation that safeguards the interests of content creators against online infringements. My commitment is to act with integrity and transparency, ensuring that artists' rights are always our priority.

Procedure for the Management of Copyright Infringements

In the event of a copyright infringement, rights holders have the right to request removal of the music content in question. I undertake to comply with such requests, whether directly from the artist or from the competent authorities. To proceed with the removal, it is necessary for the rights holder to send a formal notification of infringement according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to the email: or through the contact form available.
The notification must contain the following essential information:

  • Full name of the artist or musical group.
  • Original title of the specific song or a request to remove all the artist's songs present on the blog.
  • Valid contact information of the applicant for possible additional communications.

This process ensures that copyright is respected and the integrity of the content shared on the blog is maintained.

This policy may be modified at any time without prior notice. We recommend that you review it periodically to be informed of any changes. If you have any questions or queries about this policy, you can contact us through the following email:

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