Disclaimer (31/12/2023)

This is the KuroiNekoOficial Disclaimer Policy, accessible from https://www.kuroinekooficial.com

I speak Spanish (Peru), but this blog is written in English. This “Disclaimer” page has been translated from Spanish to English using an automatic translator (Google Translate). Some words or expressions may not match the original meaning or have grammatical errors. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding and support

The purpose of this blog is to share music from different genres and countries in Asia, for cultural, educational and entertainment purposes. The music published on this blog is obtained in two ways: Some is downloaded for free and legally from the artists' or authors' official websites or channels, and another part is purchased from digital or physical music platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, QQ Music, NetEase Music, dizzylab, Amazon, Bandcamp). In both cases, the original format of the music is respected, and only the lower quality MP3 version is published, to encourage visitors to purchase the original songs directly from my blog, where the link to the original source is provided every song. This blog is non-profit, and proceeds from ads and link shortening go to raising funds for a cat and dog shelter.

This blog recognizes and respects the copyright of the original artists and authors of the music shared. Each publication indicates the name of the artist or author, the title of the song and the link to their official website or channel, if it exists. This blog does not modify or alter the original music without the permission of the artists or authors, and does not claim authorship or ownership of it.

In case of copyright infringement, you can request removal of the music. Click here

Visitors to this blog must comply with applicable copyright laws, and must not copy, distribute or reproduce the music they download from this blog on other websites, such as blogs, piracy sites, social networks or YouTube, without the consent of the artists or authors. Visitors must support the artists or authors by purchasing the digital or physical CD of the music, or by making a donation to their official account, if one exists. This blog is not responsible for the use that visitors make of the music they download from this blog, nor for any legal consequences that may arise from it.

This blog is not responsible for the quality, accuracy, legality or safety of the music that is shared, nor for any possible damages or losses that may arise from the use of it. This blog does not guarantee that the link shortener it uses to facilitate the download of music is free of errors, viruses or interruptions, nor that the music is always available or up to date. This blog respects music removal requests from artists or authors and will not re-upload files or download links for music that has been removed.

If the artist or author of any music shared on this blog does not wish for their music to be published here, they can contact me through the following email: kuroinekooficial@gmail.com or through the form by clicking here. I will delete the files and download links of the music in question, within a maximum period of 48 hours, after receiving the request from the artist or author.