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KuroiNekoOficial is a blog dedicated to Vocaloid music, Touhou Music, Donghua Song, Chinese music, VTuber Song and other Asian music genres and also works as Fansub, always respecting copyright. In order to support other creators, I have decided to launch an Affiliate page. This initiative seeks to help increase traffic to websites, pages or blogs of interest. If you want to be part of our affiliate network and promote your content on KuroiNekoOficial, I invite you to complete the form at the end of this page. Once your request is received, I will contact you to proceed with the affiliation.

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Website type Anime, Manga, Games and everything that encompasses the rich Asian culture. I accept the websites as long as they are not linked to illegal activities, sexual content or downloads through uTorrent.
Your affiliate banner I recommend a resolution of 750x422 to 900x506.
My Affiliate Banner I have created some Banners of different sizes and styles of Kuroi Neko, so you can download it from OneDrive. You can request other lower resolutions.
Important To proceed with your affiliation, you must place my Banner with the corresponding link to KuroiNekoOficial on your website prior to applying for affiliation.
Note: You must not copy the links or upload the files of KuroiNekoOficial to your website, you must not use the Kuroi Neko Banners as if they were yours, Kuroi Neko is registered and the copyright belongs to me, it is only allowed to use the banner for affiliation.

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