Download [Album] Ia/05 -Shine- - IA

DOWNLOAD [Album] IA/05 -SHINE- - IA [MP3-320KB]

Type: Vocaloid (+ Cover), CeVIO (+ Cover), Other Music
Release Date: 2024
Alternative Name: ---
Vocalists: Eye, IA, IA (CeVIO AI), IA English (CeVIO AI), lilbesh ramko, ONE, ONE AI, ナノ, 南波志帆, 湯木慧
Producers: ATOLS, emon, hirihiri, INO hidefumi, KIRA, lilbesh ramko, r-906, YASUHIRO, すいそうぐらし, ちいたな, やいり, ゆよゆっぺ, 森田悠介, 海堀弘太, 湯木慧, 矢野博康, 石若駿, 石風呂
Other Producers: ---
Producer Circle: ---
Genres: EDM, Electro-Pop, J-Pop, J-Rock
Tracks: 15
Format / Quality / File format: MP3 / 320KB / ZIP
Password: Kuroi-Neko
Server: Google Drive

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Other tags:  Vocaloid Music, Vocaloid Song, CeVIO Music, CeVIO Song