Download [Single] 《区区不才,在下野怪》动画原声带 - Enclosure fungus, 宫赫音

DOWNLOAD [Single] 《区区不才,在下野怪》动画原声带 - 封茗囧菌, 宫赫音 / OP & ED [MP3-320KB]

Type: Asia Song, Donghua Song
Category: C-Music (Chinese Music)
Release Date: 2023
Alternative Name: "Qūqū bù cái, zài xiàyě guài" dònghuà yuánshēngdài, "Ququ Bucai, Zaixia Yeguai" animation soundtrack, "Monster But Wild" animation soundtrack
Groups / Artists: 封茗囧菌 (Enclosure fungus), 宫赫音
Other Groups / Artists: ---
Genres: Mando-Pop, Soundtrack
Donghuas: 区区不才,在下野怪 (Monster But Wild, 怎么办! 我穿越成了最弱小野怪, Zenmeban! Wo Chuanyue Cheng Le Zui Ruoxiao Ye Guai, What Do I Do?! I Have Transmigrated Into the Weakest Little Monster, Ququ Bucai, Zaixia Yeguai)
Tracks: 2
Format / Quality / File format: MP3 / 320KB / ZIP
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Other tags:  Donghua Music, Donghua Song, Ququ Bucai, Zaixia Yeguai OP; Ququ Bucai, Zaixia Yeguai Opening; Ququ Bucai, Zaixia Yeguai ED; Ququ Bucai, Zaixia Yeguai Ending