Download [Album] 《暂停!让我查攻略》动画原声带 - 三无Marblue, 杨秉音, 多多poi

DOWNLOAD [Album] 《暂停!让我查攻略》动画原声带 - 三无Marblue, 杨秉音 & 多多poi / OP & ED [MP3-320KB]

Type: Asia Song, Donghua Song
Category: C-Music (Chinese Music)
Release Date: 2022
Alternative Name: "Zanting! Rang Wo Cha Gonglue" Animation Soundtrack, "Zàntíng! Ràng wǒ chá gōngluè" Dònghuà yuánshēngdài", "Zanting! Rang wo cha gonglue" Donghua yuanshengdai, 《暂停!让我查攻略》动画OST, 《暂停!让我查攻略》动画音乐专辑
Groups / Artists: 三无Marblue, Bingyin Yang (杨秉音) & 多多poi
Other Groups / Artists: ¿?
Genres: Mando-Pop, Soundtrack
Donghuas: 暂停!让我查攻略 (Kouryaku Wanted!: Isekai Sukuimasu!?, 攻略うぉんてっど!~異世界救います!?~, Pause! Let Me Check the Walkthrough First, Zanting! Rang Wo Cha Gonglue)
Tracks: 18
Format: MP3
Quality: 320KB
File format: ZIP
Password: Kuroi-Neko
Server: TeraBox (+ 1TB)

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