Download [Album] Infructescence - Yumenokessho POPY
DOWNLOAD [Album] Infructescence - 夢ノ結唱 POPY [MP3-320KB]


Type:  CeVIO (+ Cover), Other Music
Release Date:  2023
Alternative Name:  夢ノ結唱 1st Album POPY「Infructescence」, Yume no Kesshou 1st Album POPY "Infructescence", Infructescence
Vocalists:  POPY, ROSE, 寺川愛美
Producers:  Fty, higma, kamome sano, kemu, r-906, STEAKA, ueil, アザミ, エイハブ, つっくん, ナナホシ管弦楽団, ますかっと, メガテラ・ゼロ, 攻, 是, 西川サスケ, 雄之助
Other Producers:  ---
Producer Circle:  ---
Genres:  J-Pop, J-Rock
Tracks:  15/16
Format:  MP3
Quality:  320KB
File format:  ZIP
Password:  Kuroi-Neko
Server:  TeraBox (+ 1TB)

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[Album] Infructescence - 夢ノ結唱 POPY

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