▷ Download 【Album】 saa, kogou. ~ Yuuhei Satellite

▷ DOWNLOAD [Album] さぁ、こごう。(幻想万華鏡OP主題歌「色は匂へど散りぬるを」「月に叢雲華に風」「華鳥風月」収録) [with senya] ~ 幽閉サテライト [MP3-320KB]


Type:  Touhou Music, Other Music
Category:  ---
Release Date:  2014
Alternative Name:  saa, kogou.(Gensoumangekyou OP "iro ha niohedo chirinuruwo" , "kacyou huugetu" and "tsuki ni murakumo hana ni kaze" syuuroku)
Groups / Artists:  Yuuhei Satellite (幽閉サテライト)
Genres:  J-Pop (Anime)
Track:  8
Format:  MP3
Quality:  320KB
File format:  ZIP
Server:  TeraBox (+ 1TB)

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Other tags:  Fanmade/doujin

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