Download [Album] Remnants - Takamachi Walk

DOWNLOAD [Album] Remnants - Takamachi Walk [MP3-320KB]

Type: Touhou (+ Cover)
Release Date: 2022
Alternative Name: ---
Vocalists: noaon, Un3h, AKA, Kabedondere, Kurosu+, Lunacy, Nagano, Sai Pyon, seafoam, Xandu, Zephyrianna
Producers: noaon, Un3h, wasi, Aerize, JunbugP
Other Producers: ---
Producer Circle: Takamachi Walk (高町Walk), TRASH PANDA (TRASH🦝PANDA)
Genres: EDM, J-Metal, Metalcore
Tracks: 8 + 3 (Guest tracks - Tr.03 & Tr.08)
Format / Quality / File format: MP3 / 320KB / ZIP
Password: Kuroi-Neko
Server: TeraBox (+ 1TB)

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Other tags:  Touhou Music, Touhou Song, Fanmade/doujin