Download [Single] 限定游戏 - 七海Nana7mi, 阿梓从小就很可爱, 小可学妹
DOWNLOAD [Single] 限定游戏 - 七海Nana7mi, 阿梓从小就很可爱, 小可学妹 [MP3-320KB]


Type:  VTuber (+ Cover)
Release Date:  2022
Alternative Name:  Limited Game
Groups / Artists:  七海Nana7mi (Nana7mi Nanami, 海子姐, 脆鲨), 阿梓从小就很可爱 (Azusa, 阿梓, 梓梓, 梓宝, Zibao, 梓哥, Zige, 梓神, Zishen, 梓毛, Zimao, 网友小z, Wangyou Xiao Z, 电梓播放器, Dianzi Boyingqi), 小可学妹 (Xiaoke Xuemei, 小可, 可可, Xiaoke, 小可爱, Xiaokeai)
Producers:  ¿?
Other Producers:  ¿?
Producer Circle:  ---
Genres:  Mando-Pop
Tracks:  1
Format:  MP3
Quality:  320KB
File format:  ZIP
Password:  Kuroi-Neko
Server:  TeraBox (+ 1TB)

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[Single] 限定游戏 - 七海Nana7mi, 阿梓从小就很可爱, 小可学妹

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