▷ Download [Album] 10th ANNIVERSARY Bad Apple!! (feat.nomico) PHASE2 ~ Alstroemeria Records

▷ DOWNLOAD [Album] 10th ANNIVERSARY Bad Apple!! (feat.nomico) PHASE2 ~ アルストロメリア・レコーズ [MP3/320KB/RAR]

Type:  Doujin Music
Category:  Touhou Music
Artists/Groups:  Alstroemeria Records (アルストロメリア・レコーズ)
Voices:  nomico (のみこ), beatMARIO (ビートまりお), Amane (あまね), Ranko (ランコ) コンプ, marasy (まらしぃ), ARM (Yōhei Kimura, Youhei Kimura, 木村洋平)
Genre:  Dance, Electro-Pop, Electronic, Eurobeat, House
Track:  11
Format:  MP3
Quality:  320KB
File Weight:  125MB
File Format:  Rar
Download server:  OneDrive



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